10 THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME (unless you know me!)

1.         I’ll get this one out of the way first.  I’ve been married four times!  Yep four. The first and longest was to the father of my incredible children, Tim, Gordon, and Katy.  The second probably should never have happened and yet it allowed me to raise my two beautiful step-daughters, Jenna and Susie.  The third was a huge mistake and yet I was blessed with two grown step-sons, Eric and Skip, both of whom have since died, Eric in a motorcycle accident and Skip by taking his own life. The fourth marriage was to a wonderful man, Larry, probably the only person who ever really loved me just for who I am. He had cancer before we met and we had nearly five wonderful years together before he died just three weeks before our third anniversary.  Larry made me believe that I can be lovable – who knew?

2.         I’m a Gold Star mother.  My sweet Tim, a corporal in the Marine Corps, was killed in a helicopter collision over the Gulf of Oman during Operation Desert Shield on October 8, 1990.  Nearly 22 years now.  The anniversary of his death is coming soon and this is always a difficult time of year for me. I’ll probably blog more about it on the day, but for now it’s enough to know that having had the privilege of being Tim’s mother is one of the sweetest gifts of my life.

3.         I’m the very proud Nana of four: Ethan 18 (YIKES!! Really???), Bonnie 14, Jacob 8, and Zachary 7. They say that having a child is like wearing your heart outside of your body and I can say the same for having grandchildren. They delight me beyond all measure!

4.         I’ve suffered all my life with chronic depression, with sometimes episodes of major depression.  It’s an ongoing struggle but in some ways seems to be getting better with getting older.  Who woulda thought?

5.         I made up my last name!  After my third divorce I didn’t want to carry his name or the names of any of my ex’s and not my maiden name either.  I was having a hard time trying to figure out what name to use when my daughter Jenna came up with the brilliant name of TIERSON!  The “Ti” is for Tim, the “er” for Eric, and the “son” because they were.  I had a bit of concern at first about the two T’s (Tina Tierson) but then I thought of one of my idols, Tina Turner – it works for her!  I had it changed legally and it SO works for me.  This is the name I will always carry, with Tim and Eric along always.  Tina Tierson is the person I was meant to be.

 6.         I’ve always struggled with my weight.  Up and down, round and round. It’s still a problem (I’m “up” just now), but my reasons now for wanting to lose weight are more for health than anything else and I think that change in thought may be somewhat helpful.

7.         I HATE exercise!!  I know, I know, it’s an absolute must, but if I had my druthers I’d just rather spend my time curled up with a good book in front of a fire at the beach! I am walking a bit more now and, although I don’t like admitting it, it does make me feel better and does seem to help with depression.  (Just because those who have always told me so are right doesn’t mean I have to like it!)

8.         Like someone else some of us know, I really hate shaving my legs!

9.         I love my kitty Atticus very, very much and will always have a kitty, but I couldn’t exist without a dog!!  My Molly is getting up there and I dread the time when she’ll no longer be here.  So I appreciate each precious silly and loving moment with her.  No matter what happens in one’s life, no matter how fat and ugly you think you are, a dog will never look at you with anything but total unconditional love.  A person can learn a lot from a dog.

10.       Ever since the Viet Nam war I’ve been a peace activist.  I protested the war my Tim was in (in his last letter to me he said to go for it.  He said, “You wouldn’t be my mom if you didn’t!”) Before the Iraq war started and afterwards I spoke at rallies, high schools, and other functions.  I am passionate about peace and justice, but the big surprise to me was to discover how much I like speaking.


26 thoughts on “10 THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME (unless you know me!)

  1. Oh Tina, my heart aches and sings for you. It aches for the loss and pain you have suffered but sings for the joy and gratitude you still have. And yes, changing your focus to health vs weight loss makes all the difference. It was one of the key points for me to get to grips with. Sending much love and hugs xxx

    • Thanks, sweet Danielle. I think the pain we experience gives us a greater capacity to experience the joy.

      Still struggling with the weight thing, but hopefully it’s going work. This time I’m not trying to lose 500 pounds by Tuesday! 🙂 I’ve gained about 40 pounds in the last two and a half years and I’ll be happy just to lose that. I saw pictures of myself at that weight and I look pretty good. However, when I WAS that weight I thought I was still too fat – silly me! (BTW, I’m as healthy as a moose, so even if a 40 pound weight loss is still a bit overweight, it’s a good weight for me.) I think I’ll be happy with a size 12 this time and give up on the wish for an 8, which I’ve not been since I was about 10 years old!!

    • Thank you, Jenny! I was a bit afraid to click the Publish button. I was afraid of what people would think about my having been married so many times. Thank you for your support! xoxo

  2. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself here. I found myself reading through these things and getting to know you a little more – wanting to know you a little more.

  3. Tina, Just catching up on reading, and I adore this list! I feel like we were sitting down for a cup of coffee and meeting a new friend. Even though we are in different life stages (my children are just 5 and 2), your writing is so relatable! I love how you came up with your last name! Please keep sharing!

    • Thank you so much Kelly! I love that you feel like we’re sitting down for coffee and meeting a new friend! I hope my blog can always feel like that. And I have to admit, I’m proud of my last name too. It just feels right! I’ll keep sharing if you will, dear heart! xoxo

  4. Love this! You are such a courageous beautiful woman and I am so happy to have met you here in cyberspace – it gives us such opportunities for connection! so much more to say to respond to this but I guess I”ll leave it at how nice it is getting to know you better!

    • Thank you, Tammy. I don’t know about courageous or beautiful; I think when things happen in your life you have a choice in how to respond to them. I try to make choices that I know my son would expect, and I think both he and my step-son Eric, are laughing their asses off about my last name. They’ll be saying, “that’s SO Mom!” 🙂 I’m so glad we’ve met too and I look forward to getting to know you better, as well! xoxo

  5. I love your honesty and I don’t see being married four times as a bad thing, it shows that you’ve tried and tried again and are still enjoying being in a relationship today. Now that is inspiring. Keep on blogging x

    • Thanks, Melanie, I appreciate your kind words! Sometimes I wonder about myself, but at least I can say I never give up!!! 🙂 I’ll keep on blogging if you do!

  6. Really great post, and I feel like I know you already! Some great inspiration for me, since I haven’t shared a lot about myself on my blog yet, but you did it so well! Great job!

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