Being Creative

When I was a little girl, through my teens, and as a young mom, I used to make things; lots of things!  From drawing to sewing to embroidery and to pretty much anything that caught my interest I’d DO it.  I never wondered much about what other people thought about my projects, unless they were gifts, but everyone seemed to enjoy them. I always thought of myself as a “creative type.”

Then one day I realized that it had been many, many years since I did anything really very creative, although I suppose gardening and making holidays magic for my family would count. But I’m talking about actually sitting down and working on making a tangible thing for pleasure. I did start learning to make beaded jewelry a few years ago and enjoyed it, but I have that terrible disease, you know, the one where you decide to do something and if it’s not perfect you say, “Oh, well, I guess that’s not my thing.”  Ouch!  So my beads have been sitting in a bin with only themselves for company.

It seems, though, that in the past few months I’ve found myself longing to just make something. It’s felt like a real hunger and one that caused a lot of frustration. I keep trying to ask myself what I’d be good at.  (This is not something I ever thought earlier in my life when I’d just DO whatever I thought of.)

Then a couple of weeks ago I was in an art supplies store and noticed that they offer classes.  (I’ve actually been there a lot of times and always noticed they offered classes!) This time though, without giving it a lot of thought (that’s an “aha” moment!) I signed up for a class on paper marbling!  (I’ve recently discovered that paper marbling can be astoundingly beautiful.)  When I was registering for that class, I noticed another one they offered sooner, one on book making.  Why not, went my brain, without wondering how the heck you make a book anyhow! It was so far out of any experience I’ve ever had I just decided to take the class, with no expectation that anything particularly good would come out of it.  Well, to make a long story a little bit shorter, the class was last Sunday and I LOVED it!  I even love the book, a journal, I made!  Oh, it’s not perfect, but unlike other times in my life I don’t care! And I want to make another one and then another and …..  Just for my own joy, without any other reason.

I’m still going to take the paper marbling class this weekend, and perhaps another type of book making class next month.  Oh dear, I’m afraid I’m hooked on paper and I’ve always been hooked on books!

 I have no expectations for this other than I think I’m going to get a lot of satisfaction. And I’ve already gotten some of my beads out again! You know what?  I think I had forgotten what fun feels like!!  I’m so glad to be finding out again.


7 thoughts on “Being Creative

  1. oh Bravo!!!!! I tend to be the same way: if I don’t get it at once on to the next thing. Ever since I was young and was the same as you! Well, my painting is my strongest but I do it for fun these days, and all my clay doesn’t turn out like the picture in my head and that’s okay. And just this week I actually cut apart a few of my armatures to make a new one – something I’d never do in the past (who knows when I might replace them?!). Perhaps I am entering my second childhood – I hope so! It makes things so much easier (ah, at least ONE benefit of aging!)

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