I’m Tina Tierson, a little girl who grew up to be a 67-year-old woman who still believes in goodness and magic and that light can always overcome the darkness. I was asked not long ago what it feels like to be this age and I had to think about it for a minute and then replied, “I just feel like me.” It was a great discovery!  (Although my knees may not agree!)

I’m a mom, grandma of four, sister, auntie, friend, and lover of life. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest just outside of Portland, Oregon, near the magnificent Columbia River.

I’m a renaissance soul, with interests in many, many different areas; my curiosity is boundless!  My passions are reading, including a newly discovered love of poetry, flowers, herbs, photography, animals (especially my two fur children), the ocean, dragonflies, dark chocolate, and a good Oregon pinot. My greatest passion is for peace and justice in the world, especially the availability of clean water and opportunities for women.

My core values include compassion, integrity, honesty, and forgiveness; I try to make sure my daily living aligns with these.

I’ve long been traveling a spiritual path and am finding that the deeper I delve into Buddhism the more my heart is being opened.

A couple of other things about me: I love rock and roll (my hearing loss is NOT due to aging, but because I used to work with a rock band, so it’s rock and roll related!!! Yes, it surely is!!)  I love to sleep, I really like tattoos, and, although I’m getting better, I still tend to swear like a sailor.

Over the years I began to believe that any creativity I had was long lost, but now I feel it peaking its way out! To that end I’ve gotten my beads back out, I’m taking pictures, and I’m playing with Zen Tangle and mandalas and collage. I’m beginning to explore Photoshop and want to become proficient in it.  And of course, writing this blog.

Here I plan to muse on these things and others and I invite you to share this journey with me, along with the gifts, blessings, and headaches that come with it.


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